Importance of Tire Re-torque Reminder Stickers

Automotive tire shops, dealerships, service stations, garages should remind their customers to do not forget to re-torque the wheel nuts followed by tire related works; which can happen after tire changes, tire rotation, wheel balancing, break services or basically any process that requires the tire(s) to be removed. However the job is to re-torque the wheel nuts or bolts and not the tire itself, the well-known expression is “tire re-torque reminder sticker”, so we will go with this expression on this page.

You can find these instructions in your vehicle’s “User’s Manual”, but as another example we’d like to quote from Canadian Tire as well:

It is necessary to re-torque all your wheel nuts to ensure that they are not too tight or too loose. Loose nuts could become a hazard by falling off due to vibrations while driving. Over-tightened nuts can damage bolt threads or break the fasteners. When you install wheels for the first time, you should re-torque your wheels after about 100 km to 150 km (60 to 90 miles), to ensure proper fastening.

We offer tire related businesses both the stock and the customized tire re-torque reminder stickers. The stock tire re-torque reminders tell the customer when they must do the re-torque by themselves or get the re-torque service from a professional service, which is usually 50-150 kilometers, but who can really remember exactly when the tire service was done, so the sticker information is pretty useful, shows them at what mileage they must to ask for the re-torque service or re-torque the wheel nuts by themselves.  Additionally, the fully customized tire re-torque reminder sticker  shows all kind of business information; your email address or website, your business address, your phone number or phone numbers beside your business logo. With this extended knowledge they can call or visit you again to get the re-torque service done, since not everybody can or wants to do this at home or on the street. There is another aspect why these stickers are useful; not all customers know which service was tire removal related!

We make the tire re-torque stickers using CMYK ink configuration -which means we do not print the solid or spot colors layer by layer; we print all the colors in one step, like an office document is printed using your home printer. The big advantage of this technology is your reminder stickers cost less; you do not need to pay extra for additional or extra colors. Your logo or the whole sticker can contain any colors, not limited to only a few (usually black, red, blue, green) inks. Your sticker artwork can be built from gradients, and can contain images if you need them. This is why we call our stickers Full Color Customized Tire Re-torque Reminder Stickers. We use ECO-Solvent inks for both make stickers that last long without fading out, and save the environment. The inks we use last for 5+ years, but the stickers are on the windshields for up to a couple of days, or actually for the previously mentioned 50-150 kilometers.

Most of the tire re-torque reminder stickers on the market are printed on clear static cling only. Static clings are great materials and work fine in higher temperature, but they do not want to stay on the window when the glass is cold; there is a little trick to apply them by water, but this trick is just makes easier the initial tack, and usually cannot solve the temperature issue. This is the main reason we provide our tire re-torque reminder stickers on 6 different materials; including clear and white static cling, clear, frosted clear, bright yellow and white removable vinyl materials. While static cling stickers do not have any adhesive layers, they stay on the windshields by their own static charge, the removable vinyl materials backed by a low tack (sometimes called LOTAC) adhesive layer. The removable vinyl stickers work fine even during the winter when the glass is really cold. So, we can say; the tire re-torque sticker materials can be season related.

Since the materials are very different from each other, we are offering a try-out package for $49.00; this starter package contains 60 pieces of each of the four most popular sticker materials, as clear and white static clings, and frosted clear and white removable vinyl stickers. This means; after your order you will get 240 stickers on the four different sticker materials.
Also, when you order your tire re-torque reminder stickers from us, you do not need to pay for artwork design, and the oversized stickers are sold as the regular ones too. This means; up to 4.5 square inches all the stickers are sold on the same low price on every sticker materials

The shape of your stickers can be rectangle, rounded corner rectangle, oval, or even custom cut.